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Clarity (SPE) Sample Preparation Information

Isolation and Purification of Synthetic Oligonucleotides

The Clarity BioSolutions sample preparation portfolio is composed of unique solid phase extraction chemistries packed in 96-well plate and cartridge formats designed to efficiently and effectively purify oligonucleotides.

  • Works for desalting and clean-up of biological samples
  • Specially formulated buffers solutions available for optimal performance
  • Quick protocols for rapid results

Clarity BioSolutions Product Selection


  Clarity QSP™ Clarity Oligo-RP™
Clarity Oligo-XT
Clarity Oligo-SAX™ Clarity RP-Desalting™
Primary Use High-throughput, trityl-on RPC
RP-HPLC purification of failure
sequences from target sequences
Economical, high loading capacity
IEX-LC prep-scale purification
Quick removal or salt & excess reagent
Purities >90% >90% >90% ~70%
Recoveries ~90% ~70% >90% ~70%
Synthesis Scale Load Up to 50 µmol Up to 50 µmol Up to 50 µmol Up to 1 µmol
Oligo Types DNA, RNA/RNAi, Thioates, Dye-labled, Modified

Characterization / Analysis

  Clarity Oligo-RP™ Clarity Oligo-MS™
Clarity Oligo-XT
Clarity Oligo-OTX™
Primary Use RP-LC-MS analysis with optimized
selectivity and sensitivity
Rapid, high efficiency RP-LC-MS
analysis for QC and characterization
Extraction of oligo therapeutics from
biological samples for LC-MS bioanalysis
Oligo Length ≤ 60 mer ≤ 60 mer ≤ 40 mer
Recommended Mobile Phase TEA / HFIP TEA/HFIP/MeOH N/A

Material Characteristics

Clarity Products Particle
Pore Size
Clarity QSP™ Cartridges Polymer (PSDVB) Hydrophilic polymer coating 35 500 300
Clarity Oligo-RP™
LC Columns
(silica, organic, composite)
C18 3, 5, 10 110 375
Clarity Oligo-WAX™
LC Columns
Silica Crosslinked polyamine (WAX) 10 360
Clarity RP-Desalting™ Tubes Silica C18 55 140 300
Clarity Oligo-MS™
LC Columns
Core-Shell C18 1.7, 2.6, 5 100 200*
Clarity OTX™
Extraction Plates
Polymer (surface
modified PSDVB)
Mixed-mode anion exchanger 33 85 800
Clarity Oligo-SAX
LC Columns
Polymer (surface
modified PSDVB)
Hydrophilic quaternary amine 5
Clarity Oligo-XT
LC Columns
Core-Shell C18 1.7, 2.6, 5 100 200

OTX Phase Detail

OTX Phase Information

15 Minute Clean Up from Biological Samples

Isolate RNA and DNA-based therapeutics / metabolites from biological fluids and tissues in less time with Clarity OTX™ solid phase extraction (SPE) and buffer products.

  • No liquid-liquid extraction (LLE)
  • >80 % typical extraction recoveries
  • Optimized for LC/MS bioanalysis
R&D 100 Logo
2010 R&D 100 Award Recipient

Suitable for Most Oligo Therapeutics & Samples

Oligo Types: Sample Types:
DNA Plasma
Aptamers Serum
RNAi/siRNA Urine
Thioates Tears
Lipid-conjugates Saliva
Liposome encapsulated Tissue
Phase: Sorbent Mass:

Part Number:8B-S103-HCH

Description:Clarity OTX, 500mg/6mL, 30/Pk

Sorbent Type:Polymer-based



Target Analytes:Therapeutic oligos from biological matrices

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